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Write for US Article Related to Education, Technology, legal, Business is looking for individual bloggers or website owners to contribute high-quality content related to education, learning, technology, business, as well as legal. If you have a great idea of content and content topic, please let me know through the email is which is mentioned below. Our goal is to offer the best and most high-quality informative content for all users and students who are looking for education.

Content Guideline to Write for US Content:

If you want to be ready to write for us high-quality content related to education, learning, technology, business, and legal. I would like to suggest you share your content idea at my email ID. You should follow the content guideline for Write for us content which is mentioned below:

  1. Content Title: The content title should be more than 50 characters to 70 characters with meaningful and informative such as How to, Top 10, Difference between, and more. The content title should properly match education, technology, business, and more.
  2. Content Body: The content body should be more than 1500 words with proper three to four headings and subheadings as well as list style. You should avoid sharing less than 1000 words of content because it is totally time-wasting.   
  3. Content Body images: you can mention the images within the content body according to the content title, heading, sub-heading and content. You should avoid irrelevant images from the content body.
  4. Author Bio: you can mention the small author bio details below the content with proper meaning.

Link Guideline to Write for us Content:

You should mention only informative links or blog links in the content. You should avoid the commercial, affiliate, or root link from the content. You can also add three to four more informative related links in the content which is helping to improve the content’s credibility and authority.

Avoid from Write for us Content:

You should also follow some valid issues to publish content on our website. There are some important points you must avoid from your content such as

  • content plagiarism should be 0%, otherwise content can reject.
  • Content errors should be 0% such as grammar, spelling mistakes, extra space, and more.

How to participate in Write for the US:

First of all, I would like to suggest you share your content idea or topic by mail before writing of content after approval the content topic, you can start writing content according to the content topic. You should drop a mail at “” by the subject name “contribute Free post on”. if you do not mention this subject then it is very difficult to justify the website where you want to contribute because we have multiple websites.

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